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Food Trucks

WSAFM's Statewide Food Truck Inspection Program

WSAFM is sponsoring a statewide food truck inspection program. Starting April 2024, food trucks can now receive an inspection from any of the participating fire departments, and that inspection will be recognized by all participating fire departments.  With proof of an inspection from another participating jurisdiction, you may receive a discounted food truck permit from some jurisdictions.  A permit is generally required from each jurisdiction you operate in.  In addition to the regional checklist inspection, inspectors may perform additional drop-by inspections during events to ensure safe operations throughout the year.


Participating Agencies as of 4-2024   

Program Guidelines for AHJs

Food Truck Association Website - truck operators may use "member resources" to locate approved LP-gas inspection agencies. 

WSAFM Inspection Stickers for Trucks - optional at discretion of inspecting agency, encouraged to provide quick visual information to fire inspectors.  Agencies may order stickers at no charge from WSAFM by emailing 


WSAFM Food Truck Inspection Checklist - English   

WSAFM Food Truck Inspection Checklist - English (fillable pdf)

WSAFM Food Truck Checklist - Amharic

WSAFM Food Truck Checklist - Japanese

WSAFM Food Truck Checklist - Korean

WSAFM Food Truck Checklist - Somali

WSAFM Food Truck Checklist - Spanish

WSAFM Food Truck Checklist - Tagalog

WSAFM Food Truck Checklist - Thai

WSAFM Food Truck Checklist - Traditional Chinese

WSAFM Food Truck Checklist - Vietnamese

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