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    • Tuesday, October 04, 2022
    • Wednesday, December 14, 2022
    • 4 sessions
    • Online

    Smoke Control

    This is a four part webinar series on smoke control.

    Smoke Control 101- Overview

    (Tuesday - October 4th  @11:30PST)

    NFPA 4 Test and Inspections of Integrated Systems

    (Wednesday - November 9th @ 11:30AM PST)

    NFPA 72 – Code Cycle Changes Around “Survivability”

    (Wednesday – November 16th @ 11:30AM PST)

    IBC/IFC 2018/2021 Changes “I-Code Comparison”

    (Wednesday – December 14th @ 11:30AM PST)

    Smoke Control 101-Overview:

    Review of smoke control vs. smoke management systems. Highlight codes and standards that affect the system operation and design parameters. Discuss the goals of these various systems from smoke detection, damper activation and modulation to fan control and ho to properly interface them together to work as a single system. Testing requirements an ongoing review are covered to make sure the system works today and into the future whenever it is needed.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand all basic concepts for a smoke control system.
    2. Identify differences between smoke control and smoke management systems.
    3. Review the variables of dedicated and non-dedicated systems.
    4. Understand the variety of codes and testing standards with these systems.

    NFPA 72 Changes to the 2022 edition focus on “survivability”

    Fire Alarm and Building Codes are adapting to incorporate new technologies. This session will highlight recent code changes and how they address new technologies including remote, or cloud-based access, integration and resiliency.

    Learning Objectives

    1. Understand the challenges faced with by the traditional code development cycle as it applies to technological advancements for Life Safety
    2. Identify the codes and challenges with emerging technology as it applies to a fire alarm system.
    3. Identify changes to NFPA 72, 2022 edition

    NFPA 4 – Integrated Fire Protection & Life Safety System Testing (FIS 130)

    Buildings contain multiple systems that are designed to provide fire protection and life safety functions in the event of an emergency.  These systems are provided by multiple vendors and by code are required to be interfaced to coordinate their emergency sequences.  Over time as systems are updated or serviced these interfaces need to be retested to maintain their compliance.  The NFPA 4 standard will help guide the owner on what steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of their building.

    Learning Objectives:

    1.   Gain an understanding of the purpose and scope of NFPA 4

    2.   Define what types of systems require testing

    3.   Understand the testing methods and frequency 

    1. Be able to explain the documentation requirements of NFPA 4

    IBC FA Requirements by Occupancy

    Fire detection systems save lives but are not required in all buildings.  The International Building Code defines building requirements by occupancy class.  This presentation reviews the occupancy classes and general requirements for fire detection systems including manual, automatic and voice/evacuation systems.

    Learning Objectives:

    1.   Recognize building occupancy classifications and exceptions

    2.   Explain the general requirement for fire protection in each occupancy class

    3.   Specifically review the fire alarm requirements per occupancy

    4.   Be able to identify which life/safety systems are required based on occupancy class 



    Maria Marks

    Manager of Industry Relations


    Lanny Ray

    Territory Manager-Pacific NW Zone


    Life Safety Certification Group:

    Christopher Moye


    • Monday, December 05, 2022
    • 08:30
    • Thursday, December 08, 2022
    • 17:00
    • McClelland Arts Center, 951 Delaware Street - Longview, WA
    • 4

    Fire Plan Review Class

    Presented by Les Townzen - Townzen & Associates

    December 5-8, 2022

    Hosted by Longview Fire Department

    Class Location: McClelland Arts Center

    951 Delaware Street, Longview, WA  98632


    This is an intensive comprehensive class over four days to prepare the student to conduct plan reviews in their fire prevention program duties. Some of the topics that this class will cover are administration, occupancies, hazardous materials, fire protection, egress and safety. This class will include a comprehensive workbook and practice reviews on actual real life projects that had been submitted for review to assist the student in the learning process.

    Class objectives:

    • Assist the student in basic plan review methodology.
    • Assist the student in developing the required skills necessary to perform a competent plan review.
    • Where to find resources when faced with a difficult or new plan review.
    • Assist the student in preparing for the ICC Plan Review Exam.

    Cost: $450-WASFM member and $550 non-member (includes instruction, plans, and breaks) and ICC credits will be issued.

    Lunch will not be provided.

    Class size is limited to 30 students

    Required Material:

    • 2018 IBC
    • 2018 IFC
    • 2016 NFPA #13
    • 2016 NFPA #72
    • Architects Scale
    • Engineers Scale
    • Compass


    Quality Inn and Suites Longview Kelso

    723 7th Avenue

    Longview, WA  98632

    (360) 414-1000

    Best Western Aladdin Inn

    310 Long Avenue

    Kelso, WA  98626

    (360) 425-9660

    Red Lion Hotel Kelso Longview

    510 S Kelso Drive

    Kelso, WA  98626

    (360) 636-4400

    Comfort Inn & Suites Kelso-Longview

    440 Three Rivers Drive

    Kelso, WA  98626

    (360) 425-4600

    Class Contact: Jon Dunaway Jon.Dunaway@ci.longview.wa.us  or 360-442-5538

    About Les:

    Mr. Townzen is the President of Townzen & Associates, Inc that was started in 2006 and is a fire protection, fire code, building code consulting firm located in Olympia. Mr. Townzen has over 44 years in the fire protection field and has been involved in national code development for the past 25 plus years. He has served on the code development committees for both the International Fire and Building Codes during the change to the international codes from the regional Uniform codes in 2000. He was on the drafting committee for the first edition of the International Performance Code.

    Mr. Townzen has worked in two major local jurisdictions in his fire prevention career in positions of Fire Marshal and had served as the Chief Deputy Fire Marshal for the Washington State Fire Marshal’s as the lead code officer prior to his employment as a Regional Director with a national private fire engineering consulting firm. Mr. Townzen was on the first board of directors for the Washington State Association of Fire Marshals when it was formed in 1999. Mr. Townzen served as National Codes Director for many years.

    Mr. Townzen started his own firm in 2006 with many of the clients being local jurisdictions. Townzen and Associates, Inc has contracts that has Mr. Townzen served as the Building Code Official for the cities of Kalama, Woodland, Vader, Roy and Yacolt and Fire Marshal for the city of Kalama. Mr. Townzen has been teaching fire and building code seminars across the country for the past 20+ years for both model code groups and under his own firm.

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