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On Demand Mobile Fueling - 2018 Code Amendments and Resources for Member Agencies 

The 2018 Fire Code establishes permitting for “on demand mobile fueling”, a newer service where cars are refueled at their parking location. Section 5707 of the 2018 Fire Code sets out a permitting structure and July 2021 amendments included further permitting provisions.  WSAFM has compiled the following materials for fire marshals who are standing up a new permitting program for on-demand mobile fueling:

Conditions for Permits: operator conditions, vehicle conditions, site conditions.   

Accepting Inspections Performed by Other Jurisdictions.  The 2018 Washington State Fire Code now allows fire departments to accept “operator” and “truck” permits issued by other Washington State fire departments who meet the code standards, instead of issuing their own permit. To date, WSAFM has learned that the Seattle Fire Department is issuing operator and vehicle permits and performing truck inspections that other AHJs may opt to recognize. As required under the new 2018 code, Seattle is maintaining a list of current mobile fueling permit holders for your reference. Local jurisdictions continue to have sole authority for mobile fueling site permits.

For reference, here are additional Chapter 5707 amendments from the State of Washington that became effective July 10, 2021.

5707.1.2 Coordination of permits. Permits across multiple authorities having jurisdiction shall be coordinated in accordance with Sections 5707.1.2.1 through 5707.1.2.4.

5707.1.2.1 Acceptance of permits issued by other authorities having jurisdiction. Local authorities having jurisdiction that allow mobile on demand fueling trucks may accept conforming permits issued and/or inspections performed by any other local authorities having jurisdiction in Washington state. Local authorities having jurisdiction that choose to accept conforming permits issued by other local authorities having jurisdiction in Washington state retain the right to enforce the provisions of this section.  

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