Guidance in Adoption of RCW 19.27.700-740: Smoke Control Systems and Dampers

During the 2020 legislative session, House Bill 2701 created Revised Code of Washington sections 19.27.700 through 19.27.740. The new RCW language creates inspection and testing of fire and smoke control systems regulations. The Association opposed the bill during the hearings. The Association supports the inspection and testing of smoke control systems, but took issues with the unfunded mandate, inspection and testing personnel qualifications, the July 1st, 2021 implementation date, and that the regulations were not found in the Washington Administrative Code.  Please see our guidance regarding local adoption of RCW 19.27.700-740.

Wildland Urban Interface Maps and RCW Requirements

Because of the high risk of wildland fires in parts of Washington, and the benefit from taking steps to reduce these risks, WSAFM encourages member agencies to start thinking about your agency’s enforcement strategy.  Review the RCW and browse the new WUI map for your region     

On Demand Mobile Fueling - 2018 Code Amendments and Resources for Member Agencies 

The 2018 Fire Code establishes permitting for “on demand mobile fueling”, a newer service where cars are refueled at their parking location. Section 5707 of the 2018 Fire Code sets out a permitting structure and July 2021 amendments included further permitting provisions.  WSAFM has compiled on-demand mobile fueling resources for member agencies who are standing up a new permitting program for on-demand mobile fueling including code summaries, standard permit and condition templates, and information about allowing another agency to handle fuel truck permitting and inspections. 

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