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Legislative Weekly Status Report 2023

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2023 Legislative Session and Priorities

The 2023 Legislative Session began Monday, January 9, 2023.  The Washington State Association of Fire Marshals Legislative Committee established our "Top 5 Priorities" for the 2023 session, which were assembled by the Legislative Committee based on membership feedback.  In addition, you will see bills we are following for 2023 begin to be added to the bill tracker as the session starts. 

Fire Code Safety, Housing Availability and Affordability

  • Support inclusion of fire and life safety measures in new housing options that address the housing crisis and housing shortages.
  • All residents are entitled to the basic life safety standards where they live and sleep.
Fire Code Safety in Directly Legislated Proposals
  • Review and provide opinions on directly legislated proposals that modify the fire code.  Encourage review through State Building Code Council instead of direct legislation for these highly technical proposals.
  • Defend existing codes that provide standards of life safety in buildings, including requirements for fire sprinklers, fire department access, and water supplies.
Safety, Training and Education Related to New Energy Technologies
  • The problem: Billions of dollars of investments are changing the energy infrastructure, making it greener, more mobile, and presenting new hazards to fire fighters and the public.
  • Support funding for firefighter training and required safety equipment.
  • Support funding for small and rural agencies to track these systems, update codes and standards, and provide public education about the dangers.
  • Support expedited code development for Washington, responsive to rapid changes in technology.
  • Fund required studies of environmental impact from lithium-ion explosions and fires (air quality) and drainage/water from fire suppression.
Smoke Control Installation, Testing, and Enforcement
  • Support changes to RCW 19.27.700-740 to align with national codes and standards regarding the installation and ongoing operation of life safety systems known as “smoke control systems” in large buildings.
State Fire Marshal’s Office Program Delivery
  • Support changes to RCW 43.43.934 to enable rules to be developed for the delivery of basic firefighter training through the Regional Direct Delivery Program.
  • Support updates to the Basic Firefighter Reimbursement Program to provide better support for Firefighter Training.

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