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Wildland Urban Interface Code Updates

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 16:19 | Karen Grove (Administrator)

The State Building Code Council (SBCC) currently has a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) working on amendments to the WUI code for the 2021 code cycle.  Among other things, the amendments offer more flexible framework based on site and construction specifics as an alternative to the straight requirements in RCW 19.27.560.  WSAFM has been represented in this work.  

What should I do to get ready to implement WUI?

WSAFM recommends that fire marshals and their staff become familiar the provisions in RCW 19.27.560 and the anticipated amendments to the WUI code being worked on by the SBCC.  

  • Browse the new WUI map for your region    
  • Review RCW 19.27.560 "International Wildland Urban Interface Code.
  • Talk with the building code official in your agency about implementation.  WSAFM is aware that in some agencies, the building code official is taking the lead on review and permitting related to WUI provisions, while in other agencies, the fire code official is leading review and enforcement. 

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