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WUI Code Adopted in Washington

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 12:42 | Karen Grove (Administrator)

On Friday 11/18/2022, the SBCC passed the first Washington WUI Code! The new WUI Code will go into effect along with the other State codes on July 1, 2023 [now delayed to 10/29/2023 along with the suite of constrution codes including the fire code]. The code is based on the International WUI Code and is amended by the State to require all jurisdictions to implement all of the requirements of RCW 19.27.560 within the framework of the model code published by ICC.

As adopted by the state, the minimum requirements are those found in RCW 19.27.560 and findings of fact are per the DNR wildland interface map. Additional amendments allow local jurisdictions to refine findings of fact in addition to the DNR map. Furthermore,  other ignition resistant construction classifications may be proposed by applicants based on an assessment of risk presented by applicants and reviewed by local jurisdictions. The code amendments approved by the SBCC were largely developed by the WASFM / WABO working group.  This is a good example of the fire marshals and building officials collaborating to move an important new code forward in Washington State.  For more information about the amendments and steps to take to implement the new code please see:  Washington State Association of Fire Marshals - State Codes (

Thank you to Traci Harvey (Spokane Valley), Dave Kokot (Spokane), Mark Jung (Kirkland), and many others who contributed to this important fire prevention work in Washington. 

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